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Key Data is the trusted data & analytics provider of real-time vacation rental market data for the short term rental industry.

Revenue Management with Key DataRevenue Management with Key Data

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VRMA + Snap

Our ‘snapshot’ dashboard is the most utilized tool in our entire ProData product. It provides a snapshot view of overall company performance and pacing this year vs. last year on a monthly or weekly view. It provides immediate and easy visibility into how your organization is performing on Occupancy, ADR, RevPar, and Revenue.

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Aggregating Vacation Rental Data Into One Place

Tired of compiling data from multiple places to see how your company is performing? Key Data brings all of your vacation rental data into one place so you can spend less time gathering data and building reports and spend more time optimizing on insights.

Vacation Rentals, Hotels & Resorts

Key Data is a business intelligence (BI) and benchmarking tool that provides clear, easy to understand visibility into all the core metrics that drive your business, displayed side by side with similar performance data from your local and regional competitors.

Tourism Organizations

Our DMO Dashboard is a reporting and analytics tool that provides the industry’s first access to direct source vacation rental market data in an interactive, real-time dashboard.

Enterprise Solutions

Key Data’s forward looking booking and revenue data helps investment fund analysts visualize and forecast OTA gross bookings and revenue performance in real time, well before quarterly earnings reports and calls. By offering the industry’s only trusted source of direct, real time data we take the guessing out of your investment models, replacing scraped data sources with 100% accurate, direct source data.

Gross Bookings by Quarter

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Join the hundreds of resorts and vacation rental management companies using Key Data’s Business Intelligence and Benchmarking dashboards in 2020.  

Property Managers

We empower you with full visibility into your business’ most important data, while providing the industry’s only direct-source data showing how you stack up to competitors in your market.

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Continuous, direct, and first-source reservation data that provides accurate, trusted, and the industry’s only interactive visibility into the performance of your destination.

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Real Estate

For real estate professionals who need an automated valuation tool for short-term rentals that provides the most accurate forecasts and appraisals in the industry.

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We do the hard work of bringing data together so you don’t have to. No more exporting, cleaning & aggregating.


Seamless property management system integrations for 100% accurate data. No scraping. Period.


Get started with your historical data so you can instantly monitor year over year insights of your data.


All of our platforms are intuitive consisting of features & functions you’re already familiar with using.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Being able to show data to a homeowner with ease can make or break a client relationship, Key Data has made this very simple for our company. Key Data has also been a great tool for our property managers. It shows a wide variety of data metrics as well as what properties need rate adjustments, helping secure reservations before the competition.”

Mac Jefferies

Jekyll Island

“As a new Vacation Rental Manager, the learning curve was a major undertaking. I struggled to know how to effectively price my homes in a competitive way. Key Data Dashboard has changed everything for us! They have provided us with the tools, reports, and insight to help us be as competitive as possible with our pricing.”

Logan Aitken

Freedom Vacation Rentals

“Key Data has dramatically changed the way we look at our business. In an age where big companies and AI continue to modify business models and change our industry we now stand a chance. We are able to quickly extract data about individual units or groups of units for any given period of time. There are KPIs we had never thought of using. We are also able to see how we compare to the local market.”

Tom Goodman

Padre Island Rentals

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