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About Partner: We are committed to grow technically, creatively and innovatively as we move into the future. The moment you feel that you have reached the top, you will begin a quick descent to the bottom. Surround yourself with the best and they will always challenge you to create new ideas and continue to be the best. This also comes with a commitment to deliver industry leading customer service and groundbreaking property management solutions to our valued partners.

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“Key Data has dramatically changed the way we look at our business. In an age where big companies and AI continue to modify business models and change our industry we now stand a chance. We are able to quickly extract data about individual units or groups of units for any given period of time. There are KPIs we had never thought of using. We are also able to see how we compare to the local market.”

Tom G.

Padre Island Rentals

Your Streamline Data is READY!

Key Data Dashboard has now been fully integrated into the Streamline Admin Console as an iframe. Ready to access to your dashboard? Click on the button below to view our three step integration process.

Streamline Integration Steps

We have made it easy for you to have all of Key Data directly at your fingertips, via your Admin Console. This functionality has been tested and verified, and is now live for all Streamline clients.

Step 1:
Reach out to Streamline support and request Key Data Dashboard be added to your Streamline reports.

Step 2:
Once support has added Key Data Dashboard, you will be able to click on “REPORTS” > “KEY DATA DASHBOARD” under the section ‘THIRD PARTY”

Step 3:
Once you’ve clicked on “KEY DATA DASHBOARD” you will see the iFrame load within your Streamline property management system

NEXT, sign & agree to the terms & conditions then your vacation rental data will load and you’ll be able to access your Key Data instantly.

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