Trend Reports

Looking for the highest quality in vacation rental market data available? You’ve come to the right place. Browse Key Data’s growing list of vacation rental data reports and get started making the most informed decisions today.

Detailed Market Report

This report is ideal for investors, DMOs, marketing professionals, and others interested in an in-depth look at a destination.

COVID-19 Impact Report

This report is great for understanding the immediate COVID-19 impacts on vacation rentals in any market as well as for the next 90 days.

30 Day Occupancy Outlook

This report is excellent for merchants, government agencies, and others interested in how many visitors to expect in the next 30 days.

Executive Market Overview

A high-level look at the performance of a destination. This report will help those who are interested in a birds-eye view of a destination’s vacation rental market.

Feeder Market Report

The top 20 “feeder markets” for a destination – a great report for marketing professionals, property management companies, and others.

Custom Report

Don’t see the type of market report you are looking for? No problem! Simply request your very own Custom Market Report here!